Sunday, June 29, 2008

On our own

Well the girls are gone and it's just not the same without them. We rode about 60 miles today. I did 33 and Tyson did 27. I went an extra 6 to drop something off along the way. It was a great morning to ride, overcast and a slight breeze. We rode the route for the Sebring triathlon in two weeks.
Its been raining almost each day this past week, but the lakes are still way down. Its the lowest I've ever seen the lakes around here and many of the older folks say the same thing. So need a lot of rain to get them back up. The water restrictions are still on until September.


DarkAngel said...

Nice pictures on you blog! Seems that you have it just like here in Sweden, ...dry.

your relative

Florida Girl said...

A couple times since we've been gone Savannah will stop what she's doing and ask where her Papa is. I can't find my Papa she says. Oh and she's been dreaming about Louie too. She'll wake up talking about him and his toys. Silly girl!!